Category Eponym
Hugh Owen Thomas (1834 – 1891) 340

Hugh Owen Thomas

Hugh Owen Thomas (1834-1891) was a Welsh Orthopaedic Surgeon. Thomas knee splint (1865); Thomas Test and Thomas wrench for bonesetting
Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) 340

Robert Jones

Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) was a Welsh General and Orthopaedic Surgeon and part time Roentgenologist. Eponym: Jones fracture (1902)
Eduard-Heinrich-Henoch-1820-1910 340

Eduard Heinrich Henoch

Eduard Heinrich Henoch (1820 – 1910) was a German Paediatrician. Student of Johann Lukas Schönlein, he extended the clinical features of childhood purpura and is eponymously affiliated with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
Louis Nelson Katz (1897-1973) 1

Louis Nelson Katz

Louis Nelson Katz (1897-1973) was an American cardiologist. Katz is eponymously associated with Katz-Wachtel phenomenon (1937)
Richard F. Ashman (1890-1970) 2

Richard F. Ashman

Richard F. Ashman (1890-1970) was an American physiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Ashman phenomenon he first described in 1947
Karel Freiherr von Rokitansky (1804-1878) 680

Karel Rokitansky

Karel (Carl von) Rokitansky (1804-1878) was a Czech pathologist. Eponymous terms include Rokitansky disease; Rokitansky syndrome; Rokitansky–Aschoff sinuses; and Rokitansky-Maude Abbott syndrome
William-Osler-and-Egerton-Yorick-Davis-340 256

Egerton Y. Davis

Egerton Yorick Davis was a frequent author of letters to medical societies, although only rarely would his penmanship be published. He was a retired US Army surgeon from Quebec who drowned in the Lachine Rapids in 1884 - his body was never recovered.
George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) 1

George Henry Fox

George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) was an American dermatologist. Eponymously affiliated with Fox–Fordyce disease (and not Fox's sign)
Sir Dominic John Corrigan, 1st Baronet (1802 – 1880) 340

Dominic Corrigan

Sir Dominic John Corrigan, 1st Baronet (1802 – 1880) was an Irish physician. Eponym: Corrigan Pulse (1832)