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eponym LITFL 340

Arthur Holstein

Arthur Holstein (1914 - 2000) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Along with Gwilym B. Lewis - eponymously affiliated with the Holstein–Lewis fracture, first described in 1963

Frederick Roeck Thompson

Frederick Roeck Thompson (1907–1983) was an American orthopedic surgeon. Developed a cemented vitallium prosthesis with a distinctive flared collar independent of Austin Moore.
Martin Kirschner (1879 – 1942) 340

Martin Kirschner

Martin Kirschner (1879-1942) was a German surgeon. Significant contribution to general surgery; orthopaedic surgery; traumatology; anaesthesiology and pain therapy
Hans Conrad Julius Reiter (1881 – 1969) 340

Hans Reiter

Hans Conrad Julius Reiter (1881-1969) was a German physician and social hygienist. Associated with Reiter Syndrome - known now as Reactive arthritis
Hans Asperger (1906–1980) 340

Hans Asperger

Biography Born 18 February 1906 Hausbrunn, Austria Died 21 October 1980, Vienna, Austria Key Medical Attributions: More about medical contributions Medical Eponyms Asperger syndrome Major Publications KEY PAPERS Controversies Any gossip Notable Quotables asas References Czech H. Hans Asperger, National Socialism,…

Friedrich Wegener (1907-1990) 340

Friedrich Wegener

Friedrich Wegener (1907-1990) was a German pathologist. Affiliated with Wegener granulomatosis, now termed granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA)
Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Albrecht von Gräfe (1828 – 1870)

Albrecht von Graefe

Albrecht von Gräfe (1828 – 1870) was a German ophthalmologist. Founder of scientific ophthalmology, Graefe sign (1864)

Pierre Mallet-Guy

Pierre Mallet-Guy (1897 - 1995) was a French surgeon. Mallet-Guy sign in patients with chronic pancreatitis (1943)
John Dalrymple (1803 – 1852)

John Dalrymple

John Dalrymple (1803-1852) English surgeon and ophthalmologist. Dalrymple sign (1952) relating to Graves disease; dissection and histology of first case of multiple myeloma with Bence Jones (1846)