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Louis Henri Vaquez (1860-1936) 680

Louis Vaquez

Louis Henri Vaquez (1860-1936) was a French physician and cardiologist. Described polycythaemia vera (Vaquez-Osler disease) in 1892

Thomas Cooley

Thomas Benton Cooley (1871 - 1945) was an American pediatrician and haematologist. Cooley Anemia (1925) [Thalassemia major]
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Pel-Ebstein fever

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History 1885 – Pieter Klazes Pel first described this phenomenon in Berliner klinische Wochenschrift. A 25-year-old paper maker died after a four-month illness, in which five 10-30 day episodes of fever, each…

Jean-Baptiste Denis (1635 – 1704) 340

Jean-Baptiste Denis

Jean-Baptiste Denis (1640- 1704) was a physician and Professor of philosophy and mathematics. Blood transfusion(xenotransfusion) in 1667