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Trauma! Abdominal Injuries

A Q&A overview of abdominal injuries resulting from major trauma. Can you recognise and manage the common and important abdominal organ injuries in the ED?
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Trauma! Spinal Injury

A Q&A approach to traumatic spinal injury that provides an overview focusing on the initial assessment and management in the emergency department.
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Trauma! Are you prepared?

There's been a nasty car crash with a death at the scene. Are you ready to deal with the survivor? A Q&A approach to trauma teams, preparation and the big picture.
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Microwave Meltdown

An ambulance crew have radioed through to the emergency department. They are en route with a patient who has sustained a 'microwave injury'…