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You don’t know about the stones?

I really like the tropical tales ("parasites and people") of the late Dr Robert S. Desowitz, who was Professor of Tropical Medicine at the University of Hawaii and worked with the World Health Organization.
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Tetanus MCQ

Tetanus MCQ Q1. Which of the following is true for the tetanus vaccine? A. Every traveller should be up to date.B. No one should have more than 6 shots in their lifetime.C. Reactions are less likely to occur the more…

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Tetanus Vaccine

Indications and Role:The tetanus immunization is not a live virus vaccine. A toxoid is created from the virus to form an immune reaction against the toxin produced by the bacteria. Tetanus vaccines are only given as part of combined products…

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Rabies Vaccine

Indications and Role: The UK recommends a vaccine called Rabipur or Rabies vaccine BP. These are both freeze dried chick embryo cells or human diploid cells retrospectively with inactivated virus. Once reconstituted they should be used within the hour. Administration and…

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Rabies MCQ

So you can't get enough of tropical medicine and you want to be tested to the extremes of altitude medicine or you are feverish for some tropical torment then this is the page to get your fix of ACT, RIG or schizont. Get your rabies MCQ fix now.
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Tetanus Immunoglobulin

Indications and Role: The tetanus immunoglobulin is used for those wounds that are tetanus prone and high risk as vaccination alone may not provide enough protection if the incubation period is faster than the host’s own immune response. Administration and…

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In 1900 Dr Jesse William Lazear joined the Yellow Fever Commission team in Cuba under Walter Reed. He was employed to conduct studies into the bacteriology of tropical diseases.