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Tropical Travel Trouble

Total TB Extravaganza

What is tuberculosis (TB)? This tropical travel clinical case extravaganza covers aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB
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CXR Case 055

A 24 year old male presents with worsening cough and breathlessness and a 3 day history of an itchy rash predominantly over his torso.
burn blister drainage

Minor Burn Management

26 female present to ED after spilling a hot sauce pan of soup onto her left forearm. The patient states that the soup has just been boiled when the accident occurred 20mins before arrival.

A Case of Epistaxis

A 34 female presents to ED at 2am, post waking up with blood all over her pillow, and a continuous ooze of blood from her right nostril.

Nail Gun Injuries

Mr Ivor Plank attended the Emergency Department on the weekend having developed a painfully strong bond with an expensive piece of skirting board...Clinical review of nail gun injuries presenting to emergency departments and the management of penetrating nail injury.