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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Eye Trauma DDx

Differential diagnosis of eye trauma. Trauma can result in a range of injuries, both blunt and penetrating.
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Ranger IVs decrease flow

When you’re out in the field, IV access is precious. So you do everything you can to prevent losing a good line. In concept, Ranger IVs are perfect. They are a ruggedized field IV system in which an IV is…

Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

Bashed, Blind and Bulging

A 35 year-old martial artist presents with loss of vision in his right eye after being on the wrong end of a spinning back fist. Can you save his eyesight?
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

The Eye In Chemical

A 45 year-old is rushed into the emergency department by the triage nurse. He was working at a building site and got cement into his eyes. How will you assess and manage this case?
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

A Pox On Your Eye

An elderly woman presents to the emergency department with a 3 to 4 day history of a painful rash on her face. zoster ophthalmicus
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

What Weingart would do II

Trauma in the ER with no back-up: To pull or not to pull.... We find out what Weingart would do, and the outcome of this sphincter-tightening trauma tribulation.
Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Horrible Spots and Pain

A 4 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his parents with a history of increasing numbers of red spots on his legs over the past 6 days.