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Nail Gun Injuries

Nail gun-related injuries are a serious occupational risk with potentially lethal outcomes. Nail guns were introduced in both industry and the general public back in 1959.
James Syme (1799–1870) 340

James Syme

James Syme (1799–1870) was a Scottish General Surgeon. The Syme ankle amputation attributed to him was a triumph of conservative surgery in the days where more proximal amputations had much higher mortality rates.
eponymythology atraumatic abdominal ecchymosis 340

Non-traumatic Abdominal Ecchymosis

Non-traumatic abdominal ecchymosis of the abdominal wall and flanks (Grey Turner, Cullen and Stabler); scrotum (Bryant) and upper thigh (Fox) as clues to potentially serious causes of abdominal pathology.
Erich Seidel (1882 – 1948) 340 256

Erich Seidel

Erich Seidel (1882 – 1948) was a German ophthalmologist. The Seidel Test (1921) is used to assess the presence of anterior chamber leakage in the cornea following trauma.
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Dangerous Love

Love itself is dangerous. If you don't believe me, read on to learn about all the ways amorous acts can threaten life, limb and... other body parts.

Own the Wound!

Own the wound is a collection of videos on wound care created by Michelle Lin the guru behind Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 015: Progressive rash and fever

A 22 year old woman with a past history of a seizure disorder presents to the ED with a 3 day history of progressive rash and fever. The rash began as macules and papules on the chest and neck and has now become blistered and eroded and involves the mouth and eyes. Her temperature is 39°C and she feels miserable
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Open Fractures

An open fracture is a fracture that communicates with an overlying disruption of the skin and soft tissues. They are also called compound fractures. Open fractures are potentially limb-threatening injuries.

Palpable Excitement

A 76 year-old man presents with a florid spreading violaceous rash over most of his body - Palpable Purpura - What is your differential diagnosis?