20-year old patient with sudden onset of palpitations.

What does the rhythm strip demonstrate?

Describe and interpret this ECG


Top rhythm strip

  • Regular narrow complex tachycardia
  • Pseudo-R’ waves (retrograde P waves) are seen deforming the J point

Middle rhythm strip 

  • 12mg adenosine given
  • A salvo of broad and bizarre-looking complexes interrupts the rhythm (this is a common phenomenon during chemical cardioversion with adenosine)

Bottom rhythm strip

  • The patient has reverted to sinus rhythm
  • The pseudo-R’ waves have now disappeared
  • There are no obvious delta waves of WPW, but this should be confirmed on a 12-lead ECG


The 12-lead ECG confirms reversion to sinus rhythm and does not demonstrate any features of WPW. The diagnosis is AV-nodal reentry tachycardia (AVNRT).

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