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A Stroke of Insight
A few years ago I was looking after an elderly woman in the emergency department who had suffered a stroke. She was aphasic --- unable to understand speech or create comprehensible sentences.
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Kokoda Medicine
The popularity of the Kokoda Trail has increased dramatically over the last decade. More and more Australians are making the arduous trek through the muddy, steep terrain of the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.
Tooth Avulsion
Teeth avulsion is a medical/dental emergency that require prompt recognition and treatment in the emergency department.
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Lost Under the Skin?
Are you bewildered by anatomy? Do you keep getting lost in the maze of nerves, muscles, tendons, vessels, bones and ligaments? Never fear, help is at hand in the form of Sam Loman's human body 'subway' map. Never get lost again.
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Aussie Jingle Bells
With the festive season upon us, the Life in The Fast Lane team would like to share an Aussie Christmas favourite. This 'carol' embraces the passion of the Aussie lifestyle and lifts the spirits in 40 degree heat in a way snow laden caricatures cannot...
Dr Finnbarr Walsh In Memoriam
Finnbarr was a wonderful man, a faithful friend and an amazing doctor. It is humbling to see how many lives he touched. Kind, compassionate and generous beyond compare, Finn truly was a gentleman and a scholar.
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Days Beyond Superlative
Some days are special. Some days are amazing...and some days are so amazing they go beyond superlative; destiny changing days to be forever ingrained in ones mind. Saturday was one of these days.
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Down with the Afterload!
If you are new to intensiveland and find yourself bamboozled by all the numbers, indices and machines that go ping. There is only one reference you need turn to... Titled "Alice in intensiveland. Being an essay on nonsense and common sense in the ICU, after the manner of Lewis Carroll."
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That probably wasn’t a good idea
One of great joys of being an emergency doctor, (and also one of it's sobering features) is that, on certain occasions, there will be unfortunate members of the public who present to hospital having done something ridiculously stupid. Many of these foolish acts are chronicled in the Darwin Awards.