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Sir Leonard Erskine Hill (1866 – 1952) 1200

Leonard Erskine Hill

Sir Leonard Erskine Hill (1866 - 1952) was an English physiologist. Remembered for Hill's sign first described in 1909
Raymond-de-Vieussens-1641-1715 340

Raymond Vieussens

Raymond de Vieussens (*1641 - 1715) was a French anatomist. He is renowned for his pioneering work on cardiac and nervous system anatomy.
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Blumgart-Ernstene murmur

Duroziez-type murmur observed with the patients arm subjected to various temperatures of water and by applying a subdiastolic pressure below the auscultation site, to help differentiate between aortic insufficiency and peripheral vasodilatation.
Herrman Ludwig Blumgart (1895-1977) 340

Herrman Blumgart

Herrman Ludwig Blumgart (1895-1977) was an American physician, cardiologist and pioneer of diagnostic nuclear medicine. Blumgart-Ernstene murmur (1933)
Thomas-Watson-1792-1882 340

Thomas Watson

Sir Thomas Watson (1792 - 1882) was an English physician. Remembered for his description of the palpable pulse of aortic regurgitation as likened to a Victorian toy, the water-hammer pulse in 1837
Sir David Drummond (1852–1932) 340

David Drummond

Sir David Drummond (1852–1932) was an English physician. Drummond sign of tracheal whiff with thoracic aortic aneurysm 1908
Paul Louis Duroziez (1826 – 1897) 340

Paul Louis Duroziez

Paul Louis Duroziez (1826 - 1897) was a French general practitioner, eponymous with Duroziez sign (1861) and Duroziez disease (1877).