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Out, Out

Frost's poem, "Out, Out", powerfully evokes this senseless madness that we see daily in the ED and in the ICU

Little Willie the Poisoner

The ‘Little Willy‘ is a genre of short poems with an obscure origin but almost certainly inspired by, or inspired, the ‘Ruthless Rhymes‘ of ‘Harry’ Graham.

When I Am In Doubt

Glenn Colquhoun writes poetry on some of the days he doesn't want to be a doctor. His book '‘Playing God’' is well worth reading and includes 'When I Am In Doubt - A Poem for Surgeons'
Mark Akenside (1721-1770) 340

Mark Akenside

Mark Akenside (1721–1770) English physician and poet. First described von Recklinghausen disease (NF-1) in 1767 and Contusio cordis (1763)
arcanum veritas LITFL 340

Green and Gold Malaria

I traveled across Australia last week by air from Perth in Western Australia to Cairns in the far north of Queensland. The 3500km trip involved a brief stop in Uluru (Ayers Rock). As I looked out of the window throughout…


St. Crispin’s Day in ED

Ever started a night shift in the emergency department and felt like you were a hapless conscript at Agincourt on St. Crispin's day, about to be run down by an army of charging knights?


William Ernest Henley's life as a child and young man was ravaged by the disease John Bunyan called the 'captain of all these men of Death'
Richard F. Ashman (1890-1970) 2

Richard F. Ashman

Richard F. Ashman (1890-1970) was an American physiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Ashman phenomenon he first described in 1947

The Surgeon’s Warning

Robert Southey (1834-1899) wrote the original Goldilocks tale and was Britain’s Poet Laureate for over 30 years. “The Surgeon’s Warning” is his comically macabre poem that tells the tale of the last moments of a dying surgeon, who fears he…