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François Chopart joint and amputation 680
François Chopart
François Chopart (1743 – 1795) was a French Surgeon. Eponymously associated with Chopart fracture-dislocation, Chopart joint and Chopart amputation.
Alban Köhler (1874 - 1947) 340
Alban Köhler
Alban Köhler (1874 – 1947) was a German Radiologist. Associated with Köhler-Pelligrini-Stieda disease; Köhler disease and Freiberg Infraction
Bundgaard syndrome
Bundgaard et al introduced us in 2018 to "Familial ST-segment depression syndrome", a new cardiac arrhythmia syndrome predisposing to atrial fibrillation, VT, and sudden cardiac death.
Konrad Weiss (1891 – 1976) 340
Konrad Weiss
Konrad Weiss (1891 - 1976) was an Austrian radiologist. Early descriptions of Müller-Weiss syndrome, the dissecting aortic aneurysm, and gastric torsion