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Judith Goslin Hall (1939 - ) pediatrician and clinical geneticist 340
Judith G. Hall
Judith Goslin Hall (1939 - ) pediatrician and clinical geneticist and dysmorphologist. Pallister-Hall syndrome (1980)
John Hay
John Hay (1873-1959) English physician first to record second degree atrioventricular (AV) block now better known as Mobitz type II AV block
Luigi Luciani
Luigi Luciani (1840 – 1919) was an Italian neuroscientist. discovery referring to the phenomena as ‘Luciani periods‘ (Wenckebach AV block)
Henry Cuthbert Bazett (1885 – 1950) 2
Henry Cuthbert Bazett
Henry Cuthbert Bazett (1885 – 1950) was an English physiologist. Eponym: Bazett's formula to calculate QTc interval for varying heart rates
Róbert Bárány (1876 - 1936) 340
Róbert Bárány
Róbert Bárány (1876 - 1936) was an Austro-Hungarian otologist. Nobel prize in for his "work on the physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus."
John Benjamin Murphy (1857 – 1916) 340
John B. Murphy
John Benjamin Murphy (1857 - 1916) was an American physician and abdominal surgeon. Murphy’s Sign (1903); Murphy's triad; Murphy's punch test and many more