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LITFL Clinical Case Collection. Over 250 Q&A style clinical cases to assist Just in Time Learning and Life Long Learning. Cases are categorised by specialty and can be searched by keyword from the database table

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The Half Moon Nail

Subungual haeamtomas are common presentations to minor injury units, the following covers how to diagnose, assess and manage them is covered.
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256

Devil’s Horn Sign

A young man injures his hand and realises something isn't right when he performs the 'Devil's Horn' sign while listening to Heavy Metal.
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256

Stairs versus Wrist

A 50 year-old woman took a tumble down some steps and injured her left wrist. Can you correctly diagnose and manage her injury?
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256


A 50 year-old man required intubation for seizure control after he presented in status epilepticus. Post-intubation chest radiograph is shown.
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256

Gordon Bennett!

A 27 year-old amateur martial artist needs your help after smashing his fist through a plank of wood. Can you diagnose and manage his injury?
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256

Broken open

A women attends ER with an open fracture of her lower limb. How will you assess and manage her Open Ankle Fracture in emergency?

Busting the clotbusters (from SMACC 2013)

As revenge for an incident best left unmentioned, Chris Nickson of handed me the poisoned chalice of speaking on tPA for stroke at SMACC 2013. This is the result. (Un)fortunately there is no actual video footage as I wasn’t…


Another Ankle Sprain

A 23 year-old female netball player presents c/o pain and swelling to her right ankle post playing netball. Does she meets the criteria for X-ray to rule out a fracture?