Category Eponym
Sir John Charnley (1911 – 1982) 340

Sir John Charnley

Sir John Charnley (1911 – 1982) was an English orthopaedic surgeon recognised as the founder of modern hip replacement. Charnley prosthesis
john a durkan MD carpal tunnel 340

John Durkan

Dr John A. Durkan specialist in orthopedic and sports medicine. Eponymously affiliated with Durkan's test in carpal tunnel syndrome
Robert Kienböck (1871-1953) 340

Robert Kienböck

Robert Kienböck (1871-1953) was an Austrian radiologist and pioneer in radiotherapy. Eponymously associated with Kienböck's disease - avascular necrosis of the lunate bone
Terry-Thomas (1911 – 1990) 340


Terry-Thomas (1911–1990) was an English comedian and character actor. The Terry-Thomas sign was proposed in 1977 by surgeon Victor H Frankel
Henri Albert Hartmann (1860 – 1952) 340

Henri Hartmann

Henri Albert Hartmann (1860-1952) was a French surgeon.True General surgeon. Hartmann procedure, Hartmann pouch.