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The Levels of Eminence

Eminence Based Medicine is to enter a new golden age with the development of a new 'Levels of Eminence' system to guide clinical decision making.
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Man catches gizmonotic virus

In the future infectious diseases specialists will not only have human infections and zoonoses to deal with, but gizmonotic diseases (like computer viruses) as well.
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Ameritous Professor Broughton-D’Lirium

A/Prof Broughton-D’Lirium is a natural rabble-rouser, incapable of staying quiescent for more than one agenda item. His tirades of virulent invective usually falter when challenged by senate colleagues armed with an appropriate anti-invective agent.
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Future Pathologies

Can contemporary medical economics combat the growing threat of microbes? Have we created sufficient evolutionary pressures that the microbe diseases of yesteryear and the neglected pathogens of today become a threat for us tomorrow?
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Scientists discover genetic marker for administration

Molecular biologists working with a team of anthropologists have discovered a new gene that is set to revise the theories of social structure in humans. The team initially embarked on an ambitious project to discover when humans and our early…

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Your Management Team May Be Parasites

Management has synonymously been associated with bad decisions, selective cost cutting, raising it’s own salary and attempting to rob others of their ideas. This perception has led people to view managers as parasites, which according to new scientific data may…

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Penis captivus

What follows is the first report of penis captivus in the Philidelphia Medical News of December 13, 1884
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Signs of Imminent Admission

Having trouble complying with the new 4 picosecond rule introduced by UCEM? Do not fret, you can improve your department's efficiency a thousandfold by religiously employing the 'Signs of Imminent Admission' as a disposition decision aid.
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Meet the Bougie F.UCEMs

Found who are the latest esteemed practitioners of Utopian Medical Ideals to be elevated to the status of Fellow of the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine due to their meritorious suggestions for the best uses of a bougie.