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Self-Discipline Implantation

Since Count Volta first started mixing electrolyte solutions, redox reactions have driven human devices thanks to their storage of chemical energy. From small cells, it was just a matter of time before lazy and lethargic Americans, sick of manually cranking their cars demanded starter engines, and of course the humble car battery.
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The Death of Santa Claus

Disturbing news is coming from Enlightenment Boulevard where the UCEM Council Executive has recently received reports of the death of Santa Claus.
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Christmas Canceled?

Egerton Y. Davis the Fourth, spokesperson for the Council Executive of the Utopian College for Emergency in Medicine, has announced that UCEM intends to cancel Christmas. He stated reluctantly: ''Tis not the season to be jolly, 'tis the season to be horrifically injured".
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Affluenza Season

With the proximity of Saturnalia celebrations already upon us, we are experiencing an early start to the affluenza season
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Egerton Y. Davis

Egerton Yorick Davis was a frequent author of letters to medical societies, although only rarely would his penmanship be published. He was a retired US Army surgeon from Quebec who drowned in the Lachine Rapids in 1884 - his body was never recovered.