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A 50 year-old man presented to the ED with sharp abdominal pain localised to his left lower quadrant.
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GI Drug Absorption in Critical Illness

GI Drug Absorption in Critical Illness; multi-factorial determinants influence the bioavailability of drugs; governed by factors altering transport of substances across cell membranes (diffusion, active transport, ultrafiltration)
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Intubation of the GI bleeder

Massive GI hemorrhage presents multiple challenges during intubation: obscured view of vocal cords; risk of aspiration; risk of haemorrhagic shock and haemodynamic instability; risk to staff from contact with body fluids
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Mirizzi syndrome

Mirizzi syndrome or extrinsic biliary compression syndrome, is a rare complication of cholelithiasis. Mirizzi syndrome is characterised by obstruction of the common bile duct (CBD), secondary to mechanical compression caused by the impaction of one or multiple gallstones in the neck of the gallbladder or cystic duct
Pierre Eugène Ménétrier (1859 – 1935) 1200

Pierre Eugène Ménétrier

Pierre Eugène Ménétrier (1859 – 1935) was a French surgeon, oncologist and pathologist. Eponymously affiliated with Maladie de Ménétrier (1888)
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Ultrasound Case 040

A 22 year old man presents with abdominal pain and diarrhoea. He has 3 months of intermittent diarrhoea sometimes with blood, accompanied with weight loss and abdominal discomfort.
Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (1878 – 1937) 1200

Kinnier Wilson

Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (1878 – 1937) was an American-born British neurologist. Following his extensive work on hepatolenticular degeneration this condition is eponymously termed Wilson disease