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Alan Graham Apley (1914 – 1996) 340

Alan Graham Apley

Alan Graham Apley (1914 – 1996) was a British Orthopaedic Surgeon famous for describing the Apley grind test in knee meniscal injury and for his essential orthopaedic reference text: Apley's System of Orthopaedics and Fractures (1959)
Thomas Porter McMurray (1887 – 1949) 340

Thomas Porter McMurray

Thomas Porter McMurray (1887 – 1949) was a British orthopaedic surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the McMurray Test to assess knee joint and meniscus
Amédée Bonnet (1809-1858) 340

Amédée Bonnet

Amédée Bonnet (1809-1858) was a French orthopaedic surgeon. Described as the grandfather of knee and ligament surgery.

Plaster slab

Fracture immbolization and complication. Review of the potential complications following application of a forearm plaster cast
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Shepherd fracture

Sherpherd fracture: Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the lateral tubercle caused by inversion or extreme equinus (1882)
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Cedell fracture

Cedell fracture (1974): Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the posteromedial tubercle caused by forced dorsiflexion and pronation
Francis John Shepherd (1851-1929) 340

Francis J Shepherd

Francis J. Shepherd (1851-1929) British/Canadian Surgeon eponymously associated with Shepherd's Fracture - lateral tubercle of the posterior talar process
Carl-Axel Cedell Swedish Orthopaedic Surgeon 340

Carl-Axel Cedell

Carl-Axel Cedell (1932 – ) Swedish Orthopaedic Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Cedell fracture - medial tubercle of the posterior talar process
Hugh Owen Thomas (1834 – 1891) 340

Hugh Owen Thomas

Hugh Owen Thomas (1834-1891) was a Welsh Orthopaedic Surgeon. Thomas knee splint (1865); Thomas Test and Thomas wrench for bonesetting