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Jones Fracture

Jones Fracture : proximal diaphysis of the 5th metatarsal, distal to the tuberosity, without joint involvement. Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) described 1902
Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) 340

Robert Jones

Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) was a Welsh General and Orthopaedic Surgeon and part time Roentgenologist. Eponym: Jones fracture (1902)
Alfred-Armand-Louis-Marie Velpeau (1795 – 1867) 340

Alfred Velpeau

Alfred-Armand-Louis-Marie Velpeau (1795 – 1867) French Surgeon and anatomist writing over 340 titles on surgery, embryology, anatomy and obstetrics

Lover not a fighter

A distinctly uncommunicative man says he injured his hand in a fall. What is the diagnosis, the mechanism and how will you treat the injury?
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Dupuytren contracture

Dupuytren contracture: A gradual thickening and tightening of the fascia under the skin of the palm and fingers in the hand.
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The John Thomas sign

Tom Bentley Throckmorton (1885 – 1961) was an American neurologist. Eponym: Throckmorton sign (John Thomas sign) where Penis Points to Pathology on X-ray
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Bennett fracture

Bennett fracture: Intra-articular fracture of the base of first metacarpal with carpometacarpal joint involvement. Edward Hallaran Bennett (1837-1907)
Edward Hallaran Bennett (1837 – 1907) 340

Edward Hallaran Bennett

Edward Hallaran Bennett (1837-1907) Irish surgeon. Bennett fracture: Two-part intra-articular thumb fracture base of first metacarpal