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Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) 340

Henri Victor Chaput

Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) was a French Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with Tillaux-Chaput fracture (1907)
Sir Percivall Pott (1714 – 1788) 340

Percivall Pott

Percivall Pott (1714 – 1788) was a British surgeon. Extensive work with hernia repair, hydrocoele repair, vertebral TB and his own Pott fracture
Henry Earle (1789-1838) 340

Henry Earle

Henry Earle (1789 - 1838) was an English surgeon. Earle-Volkmann triangle (1829); Fracture bed for management of NOF fractures
Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) 340

Léon Clément Le Fort

Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) was a French surgeon. Eponym: Wagstaffe-Le Fort fracture (1886); Le Fort Operation for uterine prolapse; Le Fort amputation; Le Fort Male Catheter; and Le Fort sound. Godfather of FOAM 'Liberté de l'enseignement'
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Pott fracture

Archaic eponym: Effectively a fracture-dislocation of the ankle, involving a fracture of the fibula, disruption of the deltoid ligaments with an intact tibiofibular ligament
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Bosworth fracture

Bosworth fracture-dislocation of the ankle. Rare injury with proximal fibular fragment trapped behind the tibia, frequently irreducible by closed methods.
David Marsh Bosworth (1897–1979) 340

David Marsh Bosworth

David Marsh Bosworth (1897–1979) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Associated with the Bosworth fracture and streptomycin for bone and joint tuberculosis
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Shepherd fracture

Sherpherd fracture: Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the lateral tubercle caused by inversion or extreme equinus (1882)
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Cedell fracture

Cedell fracture (1974): Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the posteromedial tubercle caused by forced dorsiflexion and pronation
Francis John Shepherd (1851-1929) 340

Francis J Shepherd

Francis J. Shepherd (1851-1929) British/Canadian Surgeon eponymously associated with Shepherd's Fracture - lateral tubercle of the posterior talar process