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Frederic Jay Cotton (1869 - 1939) 340 2

Frederic Jay Cotton

Frederic Jay Cotton (1869–1939) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture) and Cotton-Loader position (hyper-flexed wrist with ulna deviation in closed reduction of distal radius fractures)
Leland Greene Hawkins (1933 – 1991) 340

Leland G Hawkins

Leland Greene Hawkins (1933 - 1991) was an American orthopedic surgeon. Hawkins classification system for talar neck fractures (1970) revolutionized management and helped quantify the risk of progression to avascular necrosis
Cotton fracture 340

Cotton fracture

Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture): fracture of the ankle that involving the lateral malleolus, medial malleolus and distal posterior aspect of the tibia (posterior malleolus). Described in 1915 by Frederic Jay Cotton (1869 – 1939)
Paul Jules Tillaux (1834 – 1904) 340

Paul Jules Tillaux

Paul Jules Tillaux (1834-1904) French Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Tillaux fracture. First to describe 'Aïe crépitant de Tillaux'
Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) 340

Henri Victor Chaput

Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) was a French Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with Tillaux-Chaput fracture (1907)
Sir Percivall Pott (1714 – 1788) 340

Percivall Pott

Percivall Pott (1714 – 1788) was a British surgeon. Extensive work with hernia repair, hydrocoele repair, vertebral TB and his own Pott fracture
Henry Earle (1789-1838) 340

Henry Earle

Henry Earle (1789 - 1838) was an English surgeon. Earle-Volkmann triangle (1829); Fracture bed for management of NOF fractures
Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) 340

Léon Clément Le Fort

Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) was a French surgeon. FOAMed supporter 'Liberté de l'enseignement', advocate of the principles of asepsis
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Maisonneuve Fracture

Maisonneuve fracture - Upper 1/3 fibula fracture; disruption of distal tibiofibular syndesmosis with medial malleolus fracture or deep deltoid ligament tear