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Ultrasound Case 111

A 45 year old woman with chronic alcoholic liver disease presents to the ED with exertional dyspnoea and is noted to have a SpO2 of 90% at rest despite having a normal chest examination and CXR.
POCUS - Basic Echo (FELS)

POCUS Made Easy: Basic Echo

Focussed ECHO in Life support (FELS) is used to define cardiac pathologies such as cardiogenic shock, pericardial tamponade, signs of submassive/massive PE or hypovolaemia
POCUS - Clue Protocol

POCUS Made Easy: CLUE Protocol

The Cardiopulmonary Limited Ultrasound Examination (CLUE) is a rapid shortened basic echo and lung exam combination to assess for cardiac and lung pathology.

Echo: Pericardial effusion

Helen Rimington explores the Echocardiography Essentials course with a video demonstrating rapid bedside assessment and diagnosis of pericardial effusion.

Echo: Mitral regurgitation

Helen Rimington Medmastery course with assessment of mitral regurgitation and cardiac decompensation following rupture of a cord in mitral valve prolapse

Echo: Aortic regurgitation

Helen Rimington: Assessing aortic regurgitation and recognizing haemodynamically significant aortic regurgitation using transthoracic echo with MedMastery