A Potent but Weak Solution to Oil’s Peak

Known as unscientific, dangerous, potentially deadly, quackery, and other less than flattering but accurate terms, but it seems that science's attempts to dilute the false positive claims homeopathy makes only seems to make it stronger.
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A New Threat Tied in to Intensive Care

Environmental selection pressures are a driving force behind adaptive processes in organisms. For instance, drug misuse is commonly blamed for the rise of multi-resistant drugs and the disposal of large amounts of nylon in India giving rise to nylonase enzymes.…

Jack Dee nomination for F.UCEM

Excitement is building as post-prandial somnolence evolves into austere reverence as the Utopian College Council start the protracted process of sobering up in time to announce the inaugural New Years Day Honours list. This year 50 new individuals will be officially…

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UCEM Develops Waiting Room Video

In an effort to reduce the number of comedy Emergency Department presentations, UCEM is pleased to endorse the playing of David Shrigley's 'Don'ts' in all Australian Emergency Department waiting rooms.
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Egerton Y. Davis IV, Hygienist for the Council Executive and Head of the Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce, held a press conference at the UCEM headquarters on Enlightenment Boulevard today.
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The Levels of Eminence

Eminence Based Medicine is to enter a new golden age with the development of a new 'Levels of Eminence' system to guide clinical decision making.
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Man catches gizmonotic virus

In the future infectious diseases specialists will not only have human infections and zoonoses to deal with, but gizmonotic diseases (like computer viruses) as well.
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Ameritous Professor Broughton-D’Lirium

A/Prof Broughton-D’Lirium is a natural rabble-rouser, incapable of staying quiescent for more than one agenda item. His tirades of virulent invective usually falter when challenged by senate colleagues armed with an appropriate anti-invective agent.