Category Basic Science
Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) 340

Paul Langerhans

Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) was a German pathologist, physiologist and biologist. Langerhans cell (1868) of the immune system, and islets of Langerhans (1869) in the pancreas
Angelo Mosso (1846 - 1910) 340

Angelo Mosso

Angelo Mosso (1846-1910) was an Italian physiologist, archaeologist, politician, mountain climber and teacher.
Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) 340

Luigi Galvani

Luigi Galvani (1737 - 1798) Italian obstetrician, surgeon and anatomist. Discovered the physiological action of electricity and demonstrated the existence of natural electric current in animal tissue - "the electrical forces in muscular movements" or the 'animal electricity'