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High Lateral STEMI

High lateral STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction). Localised leads I and aVL, reciprocal ST depression and T wave inversion inferior leads.
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ECG Rule of Fours

aka ECG Interpretation Made Easy One day, in a town not too far from here, the ICU registrar (you) is admitting a 60 year old male, who has just been brought into the emergency department with profound weakness, and needed…

AVNRT for two

Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia (AVNRT) is a type of SVT and is the commonest cause of palpitations in patients with hearts exhibiting no structurally abnormality.

Brugada Syndrome

Brugada Syndrome - ECG abnormality with a high incidence of sudden death in patients with structurally normal hearts. Brugada - EKG Library

Trifascicular Block

Trifascicular block (TFB) refers to the presence of conducting disease in all three fascicles: RBBB, LAFB, LPFB. LITFL EKG Library