Category Anaesthesiology
Robert Alvin Berman (1914-1999) 340

Robert Alvin Berman

Robert Alvin Berman (1914-1999) was an American anesthesiologist and inventor including the Berman Airway, Quick Cuff and Respir-Aider
Alexander Wood (1817 – 1884) 340

Alexander Wood

Alexander Wood (1817 – 1884) was a Scottish physician. Credited with being the inventor of the first hypodermic needle (1853), taking the 'sting of the bee' as his model
Edmond ‘Ted’ Eger II (1930 – 2017) 340

Edmond I Eger II

Edmond 'Ted' Eger II (1930 – 2017) was an American anesthesiologist. Minimal alveolar concentration (MAC)