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Norman Reynolds James (1908-1987) 680

Norman James

Norman Reynolds James (1908-1987) was an Australian anaesthetist, inventor and educator. Harrington-James ventilator, James Autohand Ventilator, Royal Melbourne (R.M.) resuscitator
Emergency Musical Interlude

EMI 033: Anaesthetic

Emergency Musical Interlude (EMI) 033: Anaesthetic. Punk pharmacokinetics by Lachlan McIver… highly recommended for practical tips and edutainment!
Edward Thomas (Ted) Both (1908-1987) 680

Edward Both

Edward Thomas (Ted) Both (1908-1987) was an Australian engineer, known as the ‘Edison of Australia’. Invented the Both respirator and Both electrocardiograph among many others

Frederic Hewitt

Biography Born on July 2, 1857 at 52 Westbourne Park Villas, London Died on January 6, 1916 Medical Eponyms Hewitt airway (1908) Key Medical Contributions Major Publications Hewitt FW. Select methods in the administration of nitrous oxide and ether. 1888…