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James Leonard Corning (1855 – 1923) 2 340

J. Leonard Corning

James Leonard Corning (1855 - 1923) was an American neurologist. Epidural block (1885); Regional anaesthesia (1885)

Francis Sibson

Biography Born 21 May 1814 in Cross Canonby, England Died 7 September 1876 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Attributions Major Publications Sibson F. On the changes induced in the situation and structure of the internal organs, under varying circumstances of health…

Arnie DL vs VL 340

DL: Dark Fate

Who has won the seven year bet on video laryngoscopy versus the old Mac? Let's find out - with a little help from The Terminator.

Rolland J. Whitacre

Biography Born Died Medical Eponyms Whitacre epidural needle Whitacre epidural needle tip is shaped into circular cone or bullet with side-hole for injection of solution. This Pencil Point (Whitacre point) is used for Spinal Anesthesia and is characterized by low…

Robert F. Hustead

Biography Born 1928 Pueblo, Colorado MD, Yale University 1950 – President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists 1959-1961 Johns Hopkins departments of anesthesiology and OB/GYN 1961 – University of Kansas School of Medicine 1973 – Ophthalmic anesthesia Wichita, Kansas Founder…

John Lehane

Biography Born 1945 1978 – MRC unit at Northwick Park working alongside Ronald Cormack. Together they worked on a system of teaching students intubation in Obstetric patients. This resulted in their famous classification of the laryngeal view into the four…

Ralph M. Waters

Biography Born 9 October 1883 North Bloomfield, Ohio 1945 – President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Died 19 December 1979 Medical Eponyms Waters To-and-Fro Carbon Dioxide Absorption Canister (1923) Guedel-Waters Cuffed intratracheal tube (1928) The catheter effectively prevents…

Ronald Cormack

Biography Born in 1930 in Rangoon, Burma where his surgeon father was head of military services 1961 – Graduated medicine from Oxford university Senior lecturer at Bristol 1972 – MRC unit at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow in charge of the…

Edward Boyce Tuohy (1908 – 1959) 1

Edward Boyce Tuohy

Edward Boyce Tuohy (1908 – 1959) American anaesthesiologist. Best known for contribution to continuous epidural anaesthesia; Tuohy needle