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Spaso reductions and immobilisation

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Eponymythology eponyms of the foot

Eponymous foot injuries

Eponymythology associated with signs, symptoms, investigation and management of foot injuries. We review related eponyms, the person behind their origin, their relevance today, and modern terminology
Paul Jules Tillaux (1834 – 1904) 340

Paul Jules Tillaux

Paul Jules Tillaux (1834-1904) French Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Tillaux fracture. First to describe 'Aïe crépitant de Tillaux'
Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) 340

Henri Victor Chaput

Victor Alexandre Henri Chaput (1857 – 1919) was a French Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with Tillaux-Chaput fracture (1907)
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Hoffa fracture

Unicondylar coronal fracture of the lateral femoral condyle. Rare intra-articular distal femur injury. Axial compression to the knee with transmission of the ground reaction force through the tibial plateau to the femoral condyles.

Albert Hoffa

Albert Hoffa (1859 - 1907) was a German orthopedic surgeon. eponymously affiliated with a distal femur fracture (1888); an operation for congenital hip dislocations (1890); the development of a system of massage therapy, the Hoffa system (1893); and the Hoffa fat pad

Pierre Nicolas Gerdy

Biography Born 1797 Died 1856 Medical Eponyms Gerdy tubercle is the prominence on the lateral side of the proximal tibia where the iliotibial band (ITB) and tibialis anterior muscle attach Gerdy’s Safe Zone () Key Medical Attributions Controversies Major Publications…
Augusto Pellegrini (1877 – 1958) 340

Augusto Pellegrini

Augusto Pellegrini (1877 – 1958) Italian Surgeon. Pioneer in the field of prosthetic limbs. Epomyously affiliated with Pellegrini-Stieda disease
Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919) 340

Georges C. Noulis

Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919). Greek surgeon credited as the first to describe testing the functional integrity of the ACL and knee ligaments (Lachman Test)
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Lachman Test

Lachman test is a clinical test used to diagnose injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Eponymised to John W Lachman, first described by GC Noulis
John W Lachman (1919-2007) 340

John W Lachman

John W Lachman (1919 – 2007) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymously associated with the Lachman test of knee ligament stability
Joseph Guichard Duverney (1648-1730) 340

Joseph Guichard Duverney

Joseph Guichard Duverney (1648-1730) French Anatomist and otologist. Eponym: Duverney fracture of the pelvis. Described cholesteotoma and osteoporosis