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Argyll Robertson pupils

A reflex iridoplegia characterized by small, irregular, unequal pupils, with near-light dissociation; absence of a miotic reaction to both direct and consensual light with preservation of the accommodation reflex. Classically associated with neurosyphilis.
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The Hurty Elbow

So it’s the first shift of a run of nights. A tearful mum has brought in 18-month old Bobby complaining of a hurty arm...now, manage the pulled elbow

ECMO in Cardiac Arrest

PechaKucha presentation on the use of ECMO in the emergency department for refractory ventricular fibrillation in cardiac arrest

Immediate care in sport

Immediate care in sport – time for a change

How confident would you be if you are taken out of your emergency room and transported to be pitchside caring for a critically injured athlete? Your only medical equipment is strapped to your waist in a small bag; you have…

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Devil’s Horn Sign

A young man injures his hand and realises something isn't right when he performs the 'Devil's Horn' sign while listening to Heavy Metal.
Clinical-Cases-Bone-and-Joint-Bamboozler 340 256

Stairs versus Wrist

A 50 year-old woman took a tumble down some steps and injured her left wrist. Can you correctly diagnose and manage her injury?
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A 50 year-old man required intubation for seizure control after he presented in status epilepticus. Post-intubation chest radiograph is shown.
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Gordon Bennett!

A 27 year-old amateur martial artist needs your help after smashing his fist through a plank of wood. Can you diagnose and manage his injury?