The End is just the Beginning…
Unbelievably, smaccGOLD has come and gone. Thankfully, the end is just the beginning… Many thanks to all who made it happen: the organisers, the people behind the scenes, the speakers and, most of all, all of you who came from…
First Do No Harm
As I’ve become balder and more grey, I have come to think about the health system as much as the delivery of acute care.  This is another advantage of FOAMed.  It allows you to broaden your horizons and still stay…
arcanum veritas LITFL 340
Death by Black Hole
As an emergency doctor it is important to be aware of myriad ways of meeting one's maker. 'Death by Black Hole' - a process that results in 'spaghettification'
I See, I Do, iSimulate
iSimulate is an organisation that utilises a team of the nations leading medical specialists. iSimulate is connecting with the world through its interactive, adaptable and universal products available to its members.