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Echo: Pericardial effusion

Helen Rimington explores the Echocardiography Essentials course with a video demonstrating rapid bedside assessment and diagnosis of pericardial effusion.
William Ewart (1848-1929) 680

William Ewart

William Ewart (1848 - 1929) was an English physician. Ewart signs of pericardial effusion (1896) and his twelve signs of pericardial effusion
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CXR Case 157

A 79 year old female with a history of atrial fibrillation and hypertension presents with increasing dyspnea. Interpret the evolving CXR's
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Pierre Barrère

Pierre Barrère (1690 - 1755) was a French physician and naturalist. He published works in medicine, presenting cadaveric dissections and detailed descriptions of pathologies such as pericardial effusion
Franz Zehetmayer (1813 - 1846) 340

Franz Zehetmayer

Franz Zehetmayer (1813 - *1846) was an Austrian physician. Pericarditis, pericardial effusion and the genu-pectorale position
Edgard Hirtz (1849 - 1916) 340

Edgard Hirtz

Edgard Hirtz (1849 - 1916) was German born, French trained physician. Hirtz Sign (1911) ore knee-chest position in pericardial effusion