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Inflammation of the pericardium secondary to infection, localised injury or systemic disorders, producing characteristic chest pain, dyspnoea and serial ECG changes.
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PR segment

ECG PR segment is the flat, usually isoelectric segment between end of the P wave and the start of the QRS complex.

Francis Sibson

Biography Born 21 May 1814 in Cross Canonby, England Died 7 September 1876 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Attributions Major Publications Sibson F. On the changes induced in the situation and structure of the internal organs, under varying circumstances of health…

Edgard Hirtz (1849 - 1916) 340

Edgard Hirtz

Edgard Hirtz (1849 - 1916) was German born, French trained physician. Hirtz Sign (1911) ore knee-chest position in pericardial effusion

Giovanni Maria Lancisi

Biography Born 26 October 1654 Died 20 January 1720 Medical Eponyms Sign Key Medical Attributions Commotio cordis (1707) Sic olim vidimus, inflicto vehementer pugno sub cartilagine mucronata, vitae nodum ex tempore solutum; nimirum quod eo loci una conuenivnt, valideque per…

Richard Lower (1631 – 1691) 340

Richard Lower

Richard Lower (1631 - 1691) was an English physiologist. Early descriptions of cardiac tamponade, pericarditis, blood transfusion, xenotransfusion