Aparicio Gomez

Resident medical officer in emergency medicine MB ChB (Uni. Dundee)  MRCS Ed. Avid traveller, yoga teacher, polylinguist with a passion for discovering cultures.
Auguste Nélaton (1807 – 1873) 340
Auguste Nélaton
Auguste Nélaton (1807 – 1873) was a French physician and surgeon. Along with Wilhelm Roser eponymously affiliated with the Roser-Nélaton line
Lorenz Bohler (1885 – 1973) 340
Lorenz Böhler
Lorenz Böhler (1885 – 1973) Austrian Physician and Surgeon. Eponymously associated with Böhler angle – a measurement on a lateral foot x-ray to determine calcaneal injuries
Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) 340
Camillo Bozzolo
Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) was an Italian pathologist and physician. Bozzolo sign (1887) Visible pulsation of the arteries within the nasal mucosa.
eponym LITFL 340
Alfred Stieda
Eugen Julius Karl Paul Alfred Stieda (1869 – 1945) was a German Surgeon. Eponym: The Stieda fracture, Stieda tubercle and Pellegrini-Stieda disease (1908)