Aparicio Gomez

Resident medical officer in emergency medicine MB ChB (Uni. Dundee)  MRCS Ed. Avid traveller, yoga teacher, polylinguist with a passion for discovering cultures.
Harold Arthur Hill (1901-1973) 340
Harold Arthur Hill
Harold Arthur Hill (1901-1973) was an American radiologist who worked with Maurice David Sachs (1909-1987). Eponym: Hill-Sachs lesion (1940)
Köhler disease 340
Köhler disease
Köhler disease: rare, self-limiting, avascular necrosis (osteochondrosis) of the navicular bone in children. Described in 1908 by Alban Köhler (1874–1947)
Carl B. Schlatter (1864 – 1934) 340
Carl B. Schlatter
Carl B. Schlatter (1864 – 1934) was a Swiss Surgeon. Krönlein's senior physician and first "trauma surgeon". Osgood-Schlatter disease in (1903)
Renzo Corno Montini (1927 - 1965) Corno's disease 340
Renzo Corno
Renzo Corno Montini (1927 - 1965) was an Italian pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Corno's disease; familial form of Sprengel's deformity.
eponym LITFL 340
Maurice David Sachs
Maurice David Sachs (1909-1987) was an American radiologist who worked with Harold Arthur Hill (1901-1973). Eponym: Hill-Sachs lesion (1940)