Kathryn Scott

British doctor (BMBS) working in Emergency Medicine in Perth, Australia. I am currently figuring out what to specialise in and making the most of what WA has to offer.
Wilma Jeanne Canada Diner (1926 – 2017) 450
Wilma Canada
Wilma Jeanne Canada Diner (1926 - 2017) was an American radiologist. Cronkhite–Canada syndrome (1955)
John Marius Opitz (1936 - ) German-American medical geneticist. 340
John M. Opitz
John Marius Opitz (1936 - ) German-American medical geneticist. Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome (1974) and many more eponyms...
Elisabeth Gathy Kaveggia (1926 – 2014) 340
Elisabeth G. Kaveggia
Elisabeth Gathy Kaveggia (1926 - 2014) Hungarian born, American pediatrician and geneticist. Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome (1974) [FG syndrome]; Kaveggia syndrome (1975)
eponymictionary-340-256 2
Terry’s Nails
Terry's nails are a type of apparent leukonychia, characterized by ground glass opacification of almost the entire nail, with a narrow band of normal, pink nail bed at the distal border, and often with obliteration of the lunula.
eponym LITFL 340
Raissa Nitabuch
Raissa Semenovna Nitabuch [Раиса Семеновна Нитабух] (1859 - ) was a Russian physician and pathologist. Nitabuch layer [Слой Нитабух] (1887)
Elena-B-Sgarbossa 340
Elena Sgarbossa
Elena B. Sgarbossa is a cardiologist, medical writer and translator. Eponymously affiliated with Sgarbossa criteria with LBBB in AMI