Kathryn Scott

Graduated from Southampton Medical School in 2017 with BMBS. Working in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Emergency Department in Perth, Australia.
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Terry’s Nails
Terry's nails are a type of apparent leukonychia, characterized by ground glass opacification of almost the entire nail, with a narrow band of normal, pink nail bed at the distal border, and often with obliteration of the lunula.
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Raissa Nitabuch
Raissa Semenovna Nitabuch [Раиса Семеновна Нитабух] (1859 - ) was a Russian physician and pathologist. Nitabuch layer [Слой Нитабух] (1887)
Elena-B-Sgarbossa 340
Elena Sgarbossa
Elena B. Sgarbossa is a cardiologist, medical writer and translator. Eponymously affiliated with Sgarbossa criteria with LBBB in AMI
Paula Julie Elisabeth Hertwig (1889 - 1993) 340
Paula Hertwig
Paula Julie Elisabeth Hertwig (1889 - 1993) was a German geneticist. Hertwig-Weyers syndrome - Congenital disorder associating ulnar and digital aplasia - (1942, 1957)
Lotte Strauss (1913–1985) 340
Lotte Strauss
Lotte Strauss (1913–1985) was a German born, American practicing pathologist. Eponymous affiliation with Churg-Strauss Syndrome (CSS) in 1951. Now known as Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA)
Judith Amy Waterlow Waterlow score 340 2
Judy Waterlow
Judith Amy Waterlow. English nurse and educator. Waterlow created the Waterlow Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment/Policy in 1985, and updated it in 2005.