Aslanger Pattern
Description ECG pattern indicating inferior MI in patients with concomitant critical lesion (s) in coronary arteries other than the infarct-related artery. Patients with this pattern have multivessel disease and higher mortality History 2020 – Aslanger et al identified a specific…
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Lethal and insidious
Addiction is potentially the most lethal disease we encounter in medical practice. As emergency healthcare providers we can have an enormous impact on 'years of life lost' by managing this illness well.
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Mild TBI and Concussion
Concussions have gained lay person attention over the past several years, due to high profile media stories from military conflict and professional sports.Also known as "mild" TBI, concussion affects millions of patients worldwide
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ICP Threshold Debate
ICP Threshold Debate: Wilson vs Myburgh Mark Wilson and John Myburgh discuss intracranial pressure. Some fundamentals, some history to put it all in perspective and all the issues with focusing on just one number. Fascinating insights from two true experts.…