SMACC 2019 green community advocacy 340
Panel discussion QANDA
Professor Owler discusses his experience in his various roles to achieve successful outcomes both in terms of health policy as well as legislative changes. He will discuss the role of doctors in this process and how to interact with government, media and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes for patients and the community.
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Asherman syndrome

Description Rare, acquired clinical syndrome presenting with amenorrhoea, menstrual disorders and reproductive dysfunction secondary to intrauterine adhesions. [aka Fritsch syndrome; uterine atresia; amenorrhea traumatica; endometrial sclerosis; intrauterine adhesions; intrauterine synechiae] History 1894 – German obstetrician and gynecologist Heinrich Fritsch (1844–1915)…

Vaccination Hesitancy 340
Vaccination Hesitancy
Review of the different motivations for vaccine “hesitancy” or “refusal” with discussion on vaccination hesitancy in the model of a new syndrome