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ECG Case 118

This ECG is from a 35 yr old male Type 1 diabetic. He presents feeling generally unwell with abdominal pain and dyspnea. Interpret the ECG

ECG Case 117

ECG of a 14yr old female who presents following an episode of palpitations and associated dizziness. Interpret her ECG using the Arruda algorithm

ECG Case 116

These ECGs were taken from a 40 yr old male who presented with a 60 minute history of central chest pain. Describe and interpret his ECG

ECG Case 115

ECG of a 71 y/o male who presented with several episodes of ischaemic sounding chest pain on a background of known ischaemic cardiac disease.

ECG Case 114

20 yr old female who presented to the Emergency Department following an episode of chest pain. At review she was pain free and all vital signs were normal. Her serial ECG's are below, there is ~30 mins between each ECG.