Alex Johnson

UK Doctor currently working in the emergency medicine department at SCGH in Perth. Graduated from Leeds University with MBCHb and BSc in microbiology in relation to medicine. Special interests in emergency medicine, critical care and anaesthetics
Bier Block 1909 August Karl Gustav Bier 340
Bier Block
Description Intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA) provides a simple, safe technique for various surgeries on the upper and lower limbs First performed by Bier in 1908. Fell into disuse Rediscovered with new anaesthetic agents in the 1940’s and Charles McKinnon Holmes…
Bernard Raymond Fink (1914 – 2000) 340
Bernard Raymond Fink
Biography Born May 25, 1914, in London, England 1934 – BSc Physiology, University of London 1938 – BSc Physiology, University of London 1939-1945 Member of the South African Medical Corps 1952 – Completed anesthesia residency Beth Israel Hospital, New York.…