Lewis Hong

Lewis is a fourth-year medical student at UWA. He is currently interested in critical care medicine
Thomas Philip Ayre (1901-1979) 340
T. Philip Ayre
Thomas Philip Ayre (1901-1979) was an English anaesthetist. Ayre is most well-known for his eponymous T-piece, a device which revolutionised anaesthesia for babies and children.
eponym LITFL 340
Paul Bert
Paul Bert (1833 - 1886) was a French physiologist, zoologist and politician. Known for the Paul Bert Effect (1878)
Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich (1815 – 1877) 340 2
Carl Wunderlich
Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich (1815 - 1877) was a German physician. Inventor of the clinical thermometer. Wunderlich syndrome and law
Frederic Eugene Basil Foley (1891-1966) 340
Frederic Eugene Basil Foley
Frederic Eugene Basil Foley (1891 – 1966) was an American urologist. Eponymously affiliated with the Foley catheter and many other urological inventions
Career Suicide and some Unspoken Rules
“The best advice I can give you is to just swallow. Don’t spit it out, don’t complain. Just swallow” Advice from Anonymous PGY3 Junior Doctor I always thought career suicide would consist of something more dramatic. Stealing drugs from the…