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Shepherd fracture 680

Shepherd fracture

Sherpherd fracture: Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the lateral tubercle caused by inversion or extreme equinus (1882)
Cedell fracture 680

Cedell fracture

Cedell fracture (1974): Posterior talar process fracture with injury to the posteromedial tubercle caused by forced dorsiflexion and pronation
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Klumpke Palsy

Lower brachial plexus injury, with consequent weakness and wasting of the C8–T1 musculature. Augusta Klumpke (1859-1927)
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Sheehan Syndrome

Glinski syndrome; Reye syndrome; and Sheehan syndrome apply to necrosis of the pituitary during the postpartum period
Edgar Alexander Pask (1912-1966) 340

Edgar Pask

Professor Edgar 'Gar' Alexander Pask (1912-1966) was an English anaesthetist. Pask worked with Macintosh to solve multiple wartime physiology problems...