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Bassler Sign

Anthony Bassler (1874-1959) was an American gastroenterologist. In 1913 he described Bassler sign: compressing the appendix to assist in diagnosing chronic appendicitis.
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Aaron sign

Aaron sign: referred pain felt in the epigastrium upon continuous firm pressure over McBurney's point, indicative of chronic appendicitis (1913) by Charles Dettie Aaron (1866-1951)
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Massouh sign

Farouk Massouh is a British General Surgeon eponymously associated with the Massouh Sign in acute appendicitis
Hawkins Classification of Talus fractures (1970) 340

Hawkins classification

Hawkins classification: Classification system for talar neck fractures. Hawkins originally described Types I-III in 1970 with Canale and Kelly adding Type IV in 1978

Bundgaard syndrome

Bundgaard et al introduced us in 2018 to "Familial ST-segment depression syndrome", a new cardiac arrhythmia syndrome predisposing to atrial fibrillation, VT, and sudden cardiac death.