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Palla sign

Palla sign (1983) right descending pulmonary artery enlargement and 'sausage-shaped' appearance as a potential sign of pulmonary embolism on chest XR
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Hampton hump

The Hampton hump is a well-defined pulmonary pleural based opacity representing hemorrhage and necrotic lung tissue in a region of pulmonary infarction caused by acute pulmonary embolism.
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Dix-Hallpike Test

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History 1952 – Margaret Dix and Charles Hallpike published a landmark paper in neuro-otology, looking at the three most common peripheral vertigo diseases: Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis and benign paroxysmal positional nystagmus.…
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Chang sign

Chang sign (1965) Dilated descending pulmonary artery associated with pulmonary infarction and pulmonary hypertension following pulmonary embolism
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Meige’s syndrome

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History Associated Persons Henry Meige (1866 – 1940) Alternative names Brueghel’s syndrome Blepharospasm-oromandibular dystonia syndrome Controversies Did they first describe or popularise or plagiarise? References Altrocci PH. Spontaneous oral-facial dyskinesia. Archives of…
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Terson syndrome

Vitreous, retrohyaloid, retinal, or subretinal haemorrhage occurring consequent to an acute intracranial haemorrhage or elevated intracranial pressure.
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Down Syndrome

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History 1838 – Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol (1772-1840), a founder of modern alienism (psychiatry). 1846 – Edouard Onesimus Séguin (1812–1880) was one of the first to outline a complete plan for the…
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Mees lines

Mees lines: white bands traversing the full width of the nail, running parallel to the lunula, with no palpable ridges. As the nail grows they bands move distally and finally disappear when trimmed. The finding was initially related to acute arsenic poisoning.
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Tillaux fracture

Fracture of the anterolateral tibial epiphysis commonly seen in adolescents. (Salter-Harris III tibial fracture) aka Tillaux-Chaput fracture.
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Fournier gangrene

Fournier gangrene - a fulminant polymicrobial necrotizing fasciitis affecting the perineal or genital regions. Alfred Jean Fournier (1883)
Meath Hospital 340

Meath Hospital

The Meath Hospital (Ospidéal na Mí) was the oldest voluntary hospital in continuous existence in Ireland; the oldest university teaching hospital; and a most significant hub of medical eponyms and notable names.