Jenny Stuart-Smith

Graduated from Cardiff Medical School in 2017 with MBBCh and BSc in Psychology and Medicine. Currently working as a doctor in the emergency department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Australia.
Susan C. Dees (1909 – 2001) 340
Susan C. Dees
Susan C. Dees (1909 - 2001) was an American pediatrician. First female division chief and first full professor at Duke Medical Center
Carol Nancy Dettman Wolcott (1941 – 1994) 340
Carol Wolcott
Carol Nancy Dettman Wolcott (1941 - 1994) was an American pediatrician. Wolcott-Rallison syndrome (WRS) in 1972
Olga Imerslund (1907 - 1987) 340
Olga Imerslund
Olga Imerslund (1907 - 1987) was a Norwegian paediatrician. Identification of the Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome (1945-1956)
Elena-B-Sgarbossa 340
Elena Sgarbossa
Elena B. Sgarbossa is a cardiologist, medical writer and translator. Eponymously affiliated with Sgarbossa criteria with LBBB in AMI