Lewis Hong

Lewis is a fourth-year medical student at UWA. He is currently interested in critical care medicine
Hunt-Hess Scale
Description The Hunt-Hess Scale is a graded scale used to predict the rate of mortality based solely on the clinical features seen in a patient presenting with an aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage. Grade Characteristic Mortality Rate1,2 0 Unruptured aneurysm without symptoms…
Robert McDonald Hess Jr (1931 – 2019) 340
Robert Hess
Robert McDonald Hess Jr (1931 – 2019). Hess, alongside his mentor William Hunt, is eponymous with the Hunt-Hess Scale.
eponym LITFL 340
Paul Bert
Paul Bert (1833 - 1886) was a French physiologist, zoologist and politician. Known for the Paul Bert Effect (1878)
David Abramson Rytland (1909 - 1991) 340
David A. Rytand
David Abramson Rytland (1909 - 1991) was an American physician and cardiologist. Rytand murmur (1946), Rytand's law (1951)