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Tsuya (née Sakurai) Kitagawa (1911 – 1995) 340

Tsuya Sakurai

Tsuya (née Sakurai) Kitagawa (1911 - 1995) was a Japanese ophthalmologist. Sakurai-Lisch nodules (1935)

Petrus Waardenburg

Petrus Johannes Waardenburg (1886 - 1979) was a Dutch ophthalmologist and geneticist. Waardenburg syndrome (1951); Waardenburg-Jonkers disease (1961); and Shah-Waardenburg syndrome (1981)
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Terson syndrome

Vitreous, retrohyaloid, retinal, or subretinal haemorrhage occurring consequent to an acute intracranial haemorrhage or elevated intracranial pressure.
Erich Seidel (1882 – 1948) 340 256

Erich Seidel

Erich Seidel (1882 – 1948) was a German ophthalmologist. The Seidel Test (1921) is used to assess the presence of anterior chamber leakage in the cornea following trauma.
Ottomar Ernst Felix Rosenbach (1851 - 1907) 340

Otto Becker

Otto Heinrich Enoch Becker (1828-1890) was a German ophthalmologist, eponymous with Becker sign, and Becker test for astigmatism.
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Roth spots

Roth spots: Retinal haemorrhages with white or pale centres, commonly associated with subacute bacterial endocarditis and immune complex mediated vasculitis.
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Moritz Roth

Moritz Roth (1839-1914) was a Swiss pathologist. He is eponymously associated with Roth spots (1872), which he first observed in the retina of patients with septicaemia.
Edwin Sterling Munson (1870-1958) 340

Edwin Sterling Munson

Edwin Sterling Munson (1870-1958) was an American ophthalmologist.Munson sign, a V-shaped indentation of the lower eyelid when the gaze is directed downwards, an indication that is characteristic of advanced keratoconus.